Creating a Healthier, More Well-Rested World

At Sleep Foundation, we believe sleep is the foundation of good health and are on a mission to create a healthier, more well-rested world. As part of this effort, we are seeking to support the well-being of a profession impacted greatly by the pandemic, nursing.

Congratulations to our Gift of Sleep recipients and thank you to all the nurses for all you do!

Gift of Sleep Recipients:

Misty D.
Rachelle T.
Hillary T.
Luanne J.
Kim S.

The pandemic has placed great strain on nurses. Many have been asked to jeopardize their own physical and mental health in favor of helping those they serve — and studies confirm the extent the toll has taken.

A recent report issued by NCBI* quantifies the health impact of frontline nurses during the pandemic, showing 77%, 48%, and 42% of nurses report increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, respectively. Additionally, almost three-fifths (59%) of surveyed nurses experienced poor sleep quality — substantially higher than the 20–39% reported during non-pandemic times.

The decrease in sleep quality and linkage between sleep and depression among nurses are cause for great concern and have prompted us to offer our support and give thanks for their sacrifice.

Health professionals walk in a corridor