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For Professionals

Resources for Professionals From the National Sleep Foundation

Sleep in America® Polls

Since 1991, the National Sleep Foundation has conducted a national poll cataloging the state of sleep in America. 

Sleep Health Index®

The Sleep Health Index is a proprietary tool of the National Sleep Foundation that measures the nation’s sleep health.  The Sleep Health Index assesses sleep health on three criteria: sleep duration, sleep quality, and disordered sleep.

Sleep Health Journal

Sleep Health is a peer-reviewed journal related to sleep in population health from the social science perspective.

Sleep Satisfaction Study

In continuation of its efforts to define sleep health, the National Sleep Foundation convened a panel of experts to vote on key indicators of sleep satisfaction, which were extracted from a systematic literature review.


Technology plays an important role in sleep health. The National Sleep Foundation® launched the SleepTech program to advance innovations in sleep technology.

Whitepapers and Position Statements

Read NSF’s official whitepapers and position statements.