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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Eight, a SleepTech® member of the National Sleep Foundation, focuses on helping people sleep better through data and connected home products. Read on for NSF’s interview with the company’s Co-Founder & CEO to learn more about why he started Eight, the company’s philosophy, and what’s next. 


Tell us more about how Eight got started and what you guys are all about?

Everything started because I have restless legs syndrome. I was sleeping on a piece of foam that wasn’t able to provide me data about what was going on with my sleep. We thought, how can we bring technology to the service of anyone in the world sleeping on a bed?


You guys have had a lot of exciting announcements over the past few months. Can you tell us a bit more about those developments? 

We are now collecting a larger amount of data. Our mission is to help everyone in the world sleep better through the power of data and technology. To that end, we have started working with a bunch of the major universities in the U.S. to conduct studies to validate and prove the accuracy of our data. We’re also opening opportunities for doctors and professors to have access to an amount of sleep data they have never seen before so they can discover new correlations for sleep. The end goal is really to improve sleep through data insights and to help institutions have more information on sleep.


Your company is located in “The city that never sleeps,” NYC. That nickname exemplifies the negative messaging about sleep that often portrays a lack of sleep as a badge of honor. How are you spreading the message about sleep’s importance and benefits? 

Over the past few years, people have been becoming more and more aware of the importance of sleep. There has been a lot of positive education. Where our company helps with that, is that people need to monitor their sleep quality and quantity to really understand how it impacts their moods, productivity and energy levels. Regardless of whether you sleep 4 hours or 8

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