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on so that they can show their friends and family.

What advice about children's sleep can you offer for parents and kids?

Something so natural as sleep should not be a chore. It's important for parents not to get upset when they think their child is having problems, as this can perpetuate the situation.

They should take a deep breath, be patient and think how lucky they are to have that child. Parents should also know there are many resources to help them. There are several quality books as well as their pediatricians and people who are certified in both sleep medicine and pediatrics. For kids, I tell them sleep is good for you. Sleep is fun. It's when you get to dream and you can look forward to your dreams.

Rafael Pelayo, M.D., is an assistant professor at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of sleepmatters.

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