Menopause and Insomnia

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they are not effective. I try to avoid those. Relaxation therapy, paced breathing and exercise may help -- burn energy while relaxing. Again, if you can get all your sleep ducks in a row, you can combat the hormonal issues. You can try acupuncture or Shiatsu (Shiatsu uses pressure areas like acupuncture but without needles – it is based on the Eastern study of body energies and how they flow). I have had good results with Shiatsu and yoga. Relaxation and exercise helps you focus on yourself and helps you settle down. Some success has been seen with antidepressants such as the SSRIs or anti-epilepsy drugs.

--Joyce Walsleben, RN, PhD is the past director of the New York University School of Medicine's Sleep Disorders Center and Research Associate Professor in the School of Medicine. She currently serves as Head of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at the NYU Center and Sleep Medicine Associates of NYC. She has authored six book chapters and served as co-editor of the "Time Life Medical series on Insomnia," a self teaching video series. She is co-author of A Woman's Guide to Sleep published by Crown books in October 2000. In addition, she is the co-investigator of two multi-center NIH grants to examine aspects of sleep apnea.

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