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How to Use Sleep Aids Safely


Are some insomnia symptoms easier to treat than others?

Many insomnia symptoms are readily treated with interventions such as encouraging, teaching, and reinforcing healthy behaviors , as well as eliminating maladaptive behaviors that contribute to sleep difficulties.  A simple example: removal of technology from the bedroom and eliminating computer use one hour before sleep.  This is an example of identification of an issue, education on why it’s likely an unhelpful physiologic behavior, and teaching a change. The next step is execution.

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What are some new developments in sleep aids?

There are currently some medications working their way through the research process that target new and specific chemicals/hormones or receptor sites and hold promise.  Other non-prescription approaches include is the commercial development of other 'aids' that may contribute in some way to sleep improvement; for example, new bed designs, natural supplements and additives/ scents.

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