Setting the Standard


It is a great time to be at the intersection of sleep and technology. This innovative  space requires smart and strategic partnerships in order to address critical trends in innovation, globalization and regulation. 


An exciting example of collaboration is NSF’s work with the Consumer Technology Association and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In September, 2017 CTA and NSF announced a new standard for measuring sleep cycles with wearables and other applications. The new standard expands on 2016’s work that defined terms and functionality required for sleep measuring devices.  


Since 2014, the R6.4 WG1 Sleep Monitors group has brought  together sleep experts and technology manufacturers to develop standards for sleep technology. To date, the working group has 42 members, including Apple, Beddit, Fitbit, and Qualcomm Inc.


Click here to read the official press release about the latest standards.