Do I Have Shift Work Disorder?


It’s important for your health to get treated if you are suffering from shift work disorder. If you’re wondering whether you have shift work disorder, take a look through the following statements about your symptoms and sleep patterns. If you are experiencing any of these, talk to your doctor.

  1. I feel drowsy when I’m at work, or in my “off time” during family or social engagements.
  2. I have fallen asleep at work.
  3. I’m not productive at work. I often can’t think quickly or make good decisions while I’m on the job.
  4. I have trouble falling asleep when it’s time to sleep (when my shift ends, or when I am “supposed” to sleep).
  5. I wake up too soon. I cannot sleep seven to nine hours continuously.
  6. My sleep is “broken” and I wake up frequently during the time I should be sleeping.
  7. I feel irritable or moody.
  8. My shift work schedule has created trouble in my personal life (with my partner, family, or friends).