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Funding Sources and Editorial Independence

The National Sleep Foundation furthers its mission by supporting public education, sleep-related research and advocacy.

The NSF is supported by a number of sources, including individual donors, memberships, sales of educational materials, advertising, investment income and grants.

Our grant sources include foundations, corporations and federal agencies.

Grants accepted from corporations, which include companies involved in healthcare and consumer products and services, are only accepted on an unrestricted basis, meaning that the NSF alone determines the ideas and content published or promoted in the program created by the grant support.

All of the educational resources produced by the NSF are developed and/or reviewed by independent experts selected for their knowledge about a particular subject. They comprise a task force for review of a designated project and their service is generally listed in the project publication.

The NSF policy ensures that its recommendations are consistent with positions of the National Institutes of Health, findings of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, guidelines of relevant medical societies, and professional consensus statements or best evidence based on scientific research published in peer reviewed journals.