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  1. How Pregnancy Affects Dreams

    Are pregnancy dreams keeping you up? Learn about why some women experience more vivid dreams during pregnancy, and what it means for you and your baby.

  2. Pregnancy and Sleep

    For many women, sleep can be evasive during pregnancy. Physical discomfort, changing hormones, and excitement and anxiety about being a new mother lead to a host of sleep problems. In fact, it’s believed that at least 50 percent of pregnant women suffer from insomnia. Sleep is an essential part of prenatal care. If you’re struggling […]

  3. Best Pregnancy Pillows

    If you’re an expecting mom struggling to get a good night’s sleep, a pregnancy pillow can make a difference. We highlight our top picks and what to consider.

  4. Can You Take Melatonin While Pregnant?

    Up to 80% of pregnant women have insomnia, but melatonin supplements might not be a good solution. Learn about research surrounding melatonin and pregnancy.

  5. Sleep Tips for Pregnant Women

    Pregnant women have unique causes of sleep disruption. We cover strategies for improving sleep during pregnancy.

  6. Best Mattress for Pregnancy

    Our comprehensive guide to the best mattresses for pregnancy includes top picks, buyer recommendations, and advice for getting quality sleep while pregnant.

  7. Melatonin Side Effects

    Many people use the supplement melatonin as a low-cost sleep aid. Learn about potential melatonin side effects as well as safety and dosing.

  8. Sleep Apnea in Infants and Newborns

    Do you have questions about an infant’s breathing during sleep? Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep apnea in infants and newborns.

  9. Find a Sleep Consultant

    Sleep consultants are non-medical professionals dedicated to helping patients get the high-quality sleep they need. They undergo extensive training related to sleep science and health, and earn certifications that qualify them to provide advice for children and adults related to healthy sleep habits. Areas of expertise for sleep consultants include: Insomnia for adults and expectant […]

  10. Untangling the Web of Babies’ Sleep, Moms’ Sleep, and Depression

    Babies' sleep schedules may be intertwined with mothers' postpartum depression in long-lasting ways, according to a new study. Here's how moms worked through them.

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