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  1. How Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle Differs From Your Own

    Baby sleep patterns can feel like a mystery to new parents, especially when they cause the parents sleep deprivation. In healthy adults, sleep patterns are fairly predictable and consistent. In comparison, an infant’s sleep cycle might seem random, with the baby waking up and falling asleep at any time of day or night. By learning […]

  2. How Pregnancy Affects Dreams

    Are pregnancy dreams keeping you up? Learn about why some women experience more vivid dreams during pregnancy, and what it means for you and your baby.

  3. Study Finds Link Between Infant Sleep Habits and Weight

    For parents of a newborn, one of the biggest initial hurdles can be their child’s sleep schedule. While a more regular sleep pattern begins to form between three and 12 months, newborn babies have not fully developed a circadian rhythm that prompts them to feel tired at night instead of the day. While sleep is […]

  4. Teeth Grinding in Children

    Does your child complain of morning jaw pain or sensitive teeth? Sleep bruxism, or teeth grinding, might be to blame. We cover symptoms, causes, and treatments.

  5. When to Transition From Crib to A Toddler Bed

    Wondering when to transition from a crib to a bed? Most toddlers make the switch between ages 18 and 36 months. Here’s how to know it’s time for your child.

  6. Is Sleeping On The Couch A Bad Idea?

    People might opt for sleeping on a couch or sofa for many reasons. Learn the pros and cons of doing so, and how to get better sleep on the couch.

  7. Side Sleeping: Which Side Is Best and How To Do It

    Side sleeping offers many potential benefits, from better spinal alignment to a reduced risk of snoring. Learn how to sleep on your side for more restful sleep.

  8. What Your Sleep Position Means

    Can your preferred sleep position reveal aspects of your personality? Some researchers say it can, but others aren't convinced.

  9. Raising a Rested Child: An Interview with Dr. Chris Winter

    Dr. Chris Winter, neurologist and sleep medicine specialist, talks to Sleep Foundation about his latest book, The Rested Child.

  10. Waking Up With Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain in the morning after sleeping is a common experience. Learn more about potential causes and how to get relief.

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