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  1. Painsomnia

    Do you have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain? Learn about painsomnia, its causes, and strategies for living with insomnia and chronic pain.

  2. Paradoxical Insomnia: The Misperception of Your Sleep State

    Paradoxical insomnia can cause people to believe they have not slept well, even after a full night’s rest. We examine causes and treatments for this condition.

  3. Fatal Insomnia

    Fatal insomnia is a rare progressive disease. Learn about this disorder's symptoms and treatment options.

  4. Is Insomnia Genetic?

    Your genes may play a role in whether or not you have insomnia. Catch up on the latest genetic research on insomnia, and get tips for better sleep.

  5. New Study Shows Insomnia More Common in COVID-19 Survivors

    Does COVID-19 have long-lasting effects? New research shows survivors are more likely to experience neurological or psychiatric issues, such as insomnia.

  6. Screen Time and Insomnia: What It Means for Teens

    Screen time is a leading cause of insomnia in teenagers. Help your teen master responsible screen use for better sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

  7. Exercise and Insomnia

    Exercise is great for your health, but can it relieve insomnia as well? The evidence suggests yes. Learn why, and the best exercises to help you sleep.

  8. PMS and Insomnia

    Sleeping problems are common in America, with up to 35% of adults reporting symptoms consistent with insomnia.

  9. Insomnia

    Insomnia, a type of sleep disorder, affects many people. Learn about potential risk factors, subtypes of insomnia, and treatment options.

  10. Insomnia as a Kid May Mean Insomnia as an Adult

    Children who have trouble sleeping are at an increased risk for having insomnia as adults, Penn State College of Medicine researchers have found. Researchers estimated that 25% of children have trouble going to or staying asleep. Their study explored how those sleep problems in children can continue later in life. The 21-year study followed 700 […]

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