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University of California. Before he became an academic, Dr. Vila served in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine, then as a law enforcement officer for 17 years—including nine years as a street cop and supervisor in Los Angeles, six years as a police chief helping the emerging nations of Micronesia develop innovative law enforcement strategies, and two years in Washington, D.C., as a federal law enforcement officer. He has published more than 50 articles based on his research, as well as four books, including Tired Cops: The Importance of Managing Police Fatigue and Micronesian Blues (which came out in late 2009).

Allan I. Pack, MB, ChB, PhD , is the John L. Miclot Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology and Chief of the Division of Sleep Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Pack’s current major research focus is sleep and its disorders, in particular sleep apnea. Dr. Pack has studied the basic neurobiological processes which facilitate apnea during sleep. Dr. Pack is currently studying the molecular mechanisms of sleepiness and the genetics of sleep disorders. He is also currently engaged in studies to identify genes conferring risk for obstructive sleep apnea and determining different responses to sleep deprivation. He has received a number of awards for his activities including the Nathaniel Kleitman Award and the William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Richard Hanowski, PhD , is the Director of the Center for Truck & Bus Safety at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Dr. Hanowski has been involved in transportation research since 1991 and has led many light vehicle and heavy vehicle safety studies for government and industry. He has experience conducting research with driving simulators, on test tracks, and on the open road. He has conducted several open road or naturalistic driving studies and has recorded and analyzed many crashes and near-crashes. The focus of his presentation will be on the impact of drowsy driving as captured in these naturalistic studies.

Michael E Andrew, PhD , serves as senior statistician for the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Branch of

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