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start times in response to the consensus research on adolescents and sleep. As a result, Dr. Au brings an unique lens as to the challenges faced by those who want to re-align school bell times to reflect research findings within an entrenched community culture.

Joseph A. Buckhalt, Ph.D. is Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor of Education at Auburn University where he is director of the school psychology program. Building upon his interest in factors that exacerbate risk for academic failure and social maladjustment in children, he began to study sleep in school age children. His research program, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, concerns how sleep is related to cognitive, academic, and emotional functioning of normal children in ethnically diverse families across a wide range of SES.

Reut Gruber, PhD , is a clinical child psychologist at the Douglas Hospital, a researcher at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, an assistant Professor, department of psychiatry, McGill University, the director of the Attention, Behavior and Sleep Lab at the Douglas Research Center in Montreal. Dr. Gruber is an expert in pediatric sleep. Dr. Gruber has won the FRSQ Young Investigator Award (Bourse de Chercheur-Boursier du FRSQ), the CIHR New Investigator Award and is the recipient of a grants from Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), NSERC in which she is examining the role of sleep in the daytime functioning and the health of children. She has also developed a unique model of collaboration with schools, The Sleep for Success, that educates youth about the importance of sleep.



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