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on the editorial boards of the scientific journals Psychopharmacology, and Sleep.

Dr Roehrs has served on a number of institutional committees for the Henry Ford Health System including its Small Projects Funding Committee, Research Committee and Institutional Review Board and he is currently the Chair of the Institutional Review Board. He also has served as a member of a number of national advisory boards, including the World Health Organization, Project on Sleep and Health, the NHLBI Working Group on Problem Sleepiness, and the Sleep Disorders Atlas Task Force of the American Sleep Disorders Association. He served two terms on the Scientific Program Committee of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies. He served a term on the Executive Committee of the Sleep Research Society as the Membership Chair. He later was elected President of the Sleep Research Society and served as Chair of the Executive Committee of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies.

Gary S. Richardson, MD , is Senior Research Scientist in the Sleep Research Laboratory, and Senior Staff Physician in Endocrinology at Henry Ford Hospital. Dr. Richardson received undergraduate and medical training at Stanford University, where he began research on basic circadian rhythmicity and the control of sleep and wakefulness. He subsequently completed an internal medicine residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and endocrinology and neurology fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Richardson was a pioneer among sleep disorders specialists in focusing on the clinical management of circadian rhythm sleep disorders, including the provision of specialized care to shift workers with difficulty adapting to shift schedules. Dr. Richardson’s current research focus is on central mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of sleep disorders, particularly the dysregulation of autonomic and neuroendocrine systems in obstructive sleep apnea and primary insomnia.

Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH , is Professor and Chairman of Family Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Culpepper has conducted studies of depression and anxiety, otitis media, and school and community interventions to improve pregnancy outcomes and prevent teen pregnancies. A Primary Care Fellow of the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, he has chaired or served as

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